Friday, May 28, 2010

Jie Zheng - Point

Jie Zheng slow motion replay of second serve, forehands and backhands.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tommy Haas - Being Silly (vs Roger Federer)

Slow motion replay of Tommy Haas waving arms around distracting Roger Federer. Slow motion of Roger Federer being distracted, forehand unforced error.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Federer vs Roddick in the finals is at least intriguing right

If I had bet on every sporting event in which I just knew in my gut what the outcome was going to be, ;I would be even more broke than I am now. ; We all know that Roddick is 2-15 against Federer lifetime and that Roger is playing some tennis right now that ;could be better than I have ever seen him play. ; That is why sports are so entertaining! ; Especially those decided by one game or match as opposed to a "best of" series. ; On any day, at any time, there is an opportunity for an upset. ; That's why the Confederation Cup final was even slightly exciting to me. ; I knew Brazil had a much ;better team, but on ;any given day..... ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; I knew that the Patriots were going to ;clobber the Giants and finish a historic season ;19-0. ; I knew that Tyson was ;going to knock out Buster Douglas and continue his tear through ;anyone who got in his way. ; And without a doubt, I KNEW that my Florida Gators were going to destroy a Michigan team that had lost to a division II ;school ;earlier in the year. ; ; And Sunday... ; ;I will be ;watching a cheering for the American Andy Roddick, even though I KNOW ;that Federer is going to win.............................. ;

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Andy Murray - Forehands

Forehand practice in slow motion by Andy Murray.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Wimbledon Womens Quarters Fizzle

The women took center stage at Wimbledon today as all four quarterfinals took to the lawns of Centre Court and Court 1. Unfortunately, the clashes of the last eight women failed to provide much in the way of compelling tennis matches.

Each match-up featured one of the top four seeds. In each case, the higher seeded woman advanced to Thursday's semifinals. Three of the matches were routes as Serena Williams, Venus Williams and Elena Dementieva continued their romps through the tournament. None of these three were really tested in their matches which was a little surprising since Serena was up against Victoria Azarenka who has emerged as the most exciting new star of 2009. Venus dispatched Agnieszka Radwanska while Dementieva straight-setted Italian veteran Francesca Schiavone.

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