Friday, December 11, 2009

Federer vs Roddick in the finals is at least intriguing right

If I had bet on every sporting event in which I just knew in my gut what the outcome was going to be, ;I would be even more broke than I am now. ; We all know that Roddick is 2-15 against Federer lifetime and that Roger is playing some tennis right now that ;could be better than I have ever seen him play. ; That is why sports are so entertaining! ; Especially those decided by one game or match as opposed to a "best of" series. ; On any day, at any time, there is an opportunity for an upset. ; That's why the Confederation Cup final was even slightly exciting to me. ; I knew Brazil had a much ;better team, but on ;any given day..... ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; I knew that the Patriots were going to ;clobber the Giants and finish a historic season ;19-0. ; I knew that Tyson was ;going to knock out Buster Douglas and continue his tear through ;anyone who got in his way. ; And without a doubt, I KNEW that my Florida Gators were going to destroy a Michigan team that had lost to a division II ;school ;earlier in the year. ; ; And Sunday... ; ;I will be ;watching a cheering for the American Andy Roddick, even though I KNOW ;that Federer is going to win.............................. ;

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