Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hollow Victory for Roger Federer

Some claim that Roger Federer's clay conquest was a hollow victory since he did not beat Rafael Nadal.

As soon as Roger Federer dried his last tear of joy, the backlash began. Reporters and columnists quickly started dismissing his championship in the French Open because of ;something ;Roger ;could not control. Federer had no part in determining who he played in the final at Roland Garros. He simply did what he had done 13 times before- win a Grand Slam.

It isn't as if Rafael Nadal wasn't in the field. He was there. The number one seed in fact. It was his tournament to lose and he did. Federer made it through the draw he was given as the two seed. In the final Federer beat Robin Soderling in straight sets. Soderling defeated Nadal in four sets earlier in the tournament.

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