Sunday, June 14, 2009

Oh The Times They Arent A - Changin

In the interest of Black History Month, Tiger Woods is teaching us all a lesson.


The lesson? ; Golf stinks without him. ; Sorry Fuzzy Zoeller, but it’s true.


If you’re a sports fan like me, you’ll watch just about any game or event if it’s on TV. ; I watch as much sports as my girlfriend can stomach, and since I’ve been known to occasionally watch bowling on Sunday, she can be pretty tolerant.


In fact, when the NFL doesn’t rule our Sundays, my favorite thing to watch on TV is golf. ; There is no greater stress relief then kicking back in your recliner with a Reuben and a cold glass of iced tea and watching the final round of any tournament that’s on. ; I started watching golf years ago in high school. ;I’d get too stressed about Monday to enjoy my Sunday, so I found watching golf to be a very soothing Sunday activity.

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