Friday, June 5, 2009

Sports Booze History

They say that of the few industries that benefit from a rocky, let’s face it – horrifying, economy is the alcohol business. Indirectly, there is another industry related to booze consumption, and that’s sports. You guessed it.

They have an intertwined history as juicy as a Cherry Cricket cheeseburger, dating back as far and further than the Romans. You mean to tell me guys named Maximus and Dorisimus and Badassimus didn’t take a little slug of some Roman moonshine before dawning the shield and sword to take on an untamed beast on the coliseum. I mean, they had to be half-cocked to do something that stupid.

Ah yes, the commingled relationship between sporting and alcohol goes back some time, doesn’t it? And it has only gotten more interlaced with the test of time.

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